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Learn the ancient ways of the Gnomes and help protect the Earth!


What is Gnome University, you say?

Gnome University is an extra-curricular based school located on our homestead in Beaverdam, VA, which offers creative, nature-inspired art, farm, and exploratory classes for children and teens. Please reach out with any inquiries!

What We Offer...


Nature-inspired art and activities for various age groups

Take a look at our classes page for further info.


Visit our apothecary, gift shop, and gnome house- Farm & Charm!

Farm & Charm is open to students and parents to play, explore, and purchase local, handmade goods we sell. Visit our website for more info.


Farm life!

Children get hands-on interaction with our furry friends every day. Collect greens from the field for a rabbit salad, dig up worms and grubs for our chickens and ducks, and collect eggs from the nesting boxes.


Feed our sweet dwarf goats treats

They will follow you around forever once you give them a nibble!

image000000 (10).jpg

Walk our field maze and connect with nature!

Time spent outdoors, is time spent wisely

Peruse our farm photo gallery below!


Farm & Charm Apothecary

Gnomes reside here and are gracious enough to allow children to explore their space & array of unique furnishings. Have a tea party or play with some of their toys! Parents can peruse the gift shop while their littles play. Book a health consultation while you're here!


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