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Foraging for Medicinal Herbs

There must be 5+ children to book this event

  • Around the Bend Homestead

Class Description

Come join us in a class dedicated to the lost art of foraging! Our ancestors foraged for food and medicine since the beginning of time, yet throughout the past century, knowledge of the healing abilities of plants has become long-forgotten. During this class your children will be given their own booklet with photos of various native herbs we have growing on our farm. As we stroll the property, I will explain the basics of identifying herbs through the combination of sight & smell. Each student will be able to label the herbs in their booklets with their descriptions and medicinal uses. Students are welcome to pick a sample of each plant to put in their book, if they so choose. The class will also explain the effects of over-foraging and invasive plant species on the environment, and ways we can personally help curb these impacts on the biodiversity of the land. Younger children attending the class can bring herbal samples home in a satchel and use it for aromatherapy!

Cancellation Policy

Events that are rained out will be rescheduled for another day. If you are unable to make it due to personal reasons, we can reschedule your class for another week.

Contact Details

  • Around the Bend Homestead

    19397 Chilesburg Road, Beaverdam, VA, USA

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